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Please contact me for pricing.

In short, I price on a sliding scale by property square footage.  With some caveats.

As I'm sure you're aware, a 2,500 square foot property requires a whole different level of effort than a 6,000 square foot property.  A small home on a large acreage is different than a large home with a small property.

Add-ons include....

Discounts include...

This is all up to me and on a case-by-case basis.

A customer once asked if there's a PITA (Pain In The Ass) fee.  I admit nothing.


United States Copyright Law says that I, as the photographer, own the copyright to the pictures.

You, as my customer, are licensed to use the pictures in any way you see fit to market and sell the property that's on the invoice.  And you have a semi-exclusive license for one yer.  This includes listing in MLS, creating brochures, advertising in Luxury Home Magazine, Homes and Land, the local newspaper, creating a slideshow to show at your office or local real estate board meetings, and creating your own virtual tour/slideshow.

What you can't do with the pictures: sell or give them to another agent if you lose the listing for some reason.  If you lose the listing and another agent wants to use the photos, they need to contact me.  Generally, I will charge them the same thing I charged you, plus a handling fee, and buy back your license from you.  Unless more than a year has passed, and then I own all licensing again.

Gray Area: You can use select photos for marketing yourself to new clients in brochures and websites by showing them what type of photographer you hire, but you must include my copyright on the picture or near the picture or in the alt property of the image.