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Real Estate Photography -- Curb Appeal for the Digital Age

Real Estate Photography

This is what I really do: real estate photography.  You may have seen my work in Luxury Home Magazine, Homes & Land, Village Life, and various other publications.

I got into doing real estate photography because so much of the real estate photography was so bloody awful.  I'm afraid that camera phones haven't helped that trend.  People feel that their phone has a 10 megapixel camera so it must be good.  Um...it's not. And even if you have a great camera...well, I've got really good pots and pans but am not a gourmet chef.

Saying "Your camera takes nice pictures" is kinda
like saying, "Your skillet makes a nice omelet."

As I often tell people, it's not the camera: it's the glass in front of the camera and the grey matter behind the camera that really matter: having the right lens to capture the room and the experience to do it right.

If you're a real estate agent, you go to a professional for title, you call a plumber if something is leaking, you hire a landscaper to clean up the property -- why wouldn't you call a professional for pictures?  It's literally just pennies per square foot.

In this age, 80% of people start their real estate search online with something like Redfin or Estately or Zillow.  Good photography is the new curb appeal.  It doesn't sell homes, but photography gets people in the door and can mean the difference between a property selling or sitting.

Don't take my word for it, read what other experts in the field think.  And you may know some of my clients.

I use high end digital SLR cameras, top-of-the-line lenses, lighting, and image blending to make your property shine, personalized editing of each image for color, straightness, and barrel distortion, and try to deliver everything within 24 hours.  Usually less.

So call today, and let's schedule your listing's shots.