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I do a lot of stuff related to photography and the business of photography, so I thought I'd try to organize things into a semi-coherent mess.  Some of these you may find useful, some not.  No sort of endorsement is expressed or implied, and I get no sort of kickback from any of these.  Most probably don't even know I link to them.  I'm trying to do things alphabetical, so that's their only ranking.

Camera And Processing Supplies 

  • Abe's Of Maine - A good camera store, and I don't think they have anything to do with the nasty toothpaste outside of geography.
  • Action Camera - Great photography store for both film and digital.  And I highly recommend their swap meets, usually in April and September.  They do sensor cleaning for tips -- I recommend at least $10 in the jar -- have a great selection of high-end gear, bags, and accessories for most cameras, and have a staff that's friendly and great to just hang out with.
  • Adobe - The fine folks who make some pretty decent editing software.
  • Adorama - Good camera store that'll screw up any spell-checker.
  • B&H Photo Video - I like their organization, but they seem to be straying a bit far from photography of late and more into general consumer electronics.
  • DP Review - a good source if you're looking for a camera, they have a nice buyer's guide where you can enter your priorities and see what comes up. They were better when they were independent, but they've since been sucked up by a huge company.  By who they recommend for buying from, you can probably guess who bought them.
  • Photomatix - Excellent HDR and Exposure Fusion software


Every photographer has their specialties.  Just because I know how to take really nice architectural pictures does not mean I know how to photograph weddings.  And vice versa.  Listed alphabetically only.

  • Airshotz - Aerial and video photography based in El Dorado County, California.  I'm clumsy enough with just tripod, so I recommend Airshotz for boom, aerial, and video work.
  • Artistic Photography By Tami - Wedding and portrait photographer based in El Dorado County, KCRA3 A-List Nominee
  • Bella Day Photography - Wedding photographer based in El Dorado County, California
  • Maria Rummel Photography - Wedding and portrait photographer in El Dorado Hills, California
  • Martin Beebee Photography - Portrait and Wedding photographer in El Dorado County, California


Real Estate Stuff

I primarily do architectural photography for real estate agents.  As such, I run into people in the field I'd like to recognize and have a link for here.  I'd rather not get into the habit of recommending real estate agents here, although I have referred some to friends before on the side.

  • Artistic Interiors - Staging done by Jodi King.  I've never actually photographed anything she's staged, but I've seen her work and think she does a very nice job.
  • Creative Staging - Staging done by Linda Spainhower.  I've seen her work and it's very tasteful.
  • Showhomes of Folsom Lake - Another staging company. Not sure if I've done anything of theirs or not, but I've like the look they've given a couple of other homes.
  • Bad Listing Photos - Twitter feed of, well, bad listing photos.  I hope to never appear on this site either.
  • Bad Realty Photos - Another Twitter feed of bad listing photos."

Real Estate Agents

I'm considering whether or not to link to agents and their websites here.  Bear with me.


Unfortunately, there are a number of sites dedicated to bad listing photos.  I try to make sure none of mine will ever appear on these sites.  You should, too.