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Frequently Asked Questions

I've been doing this for awhile.  I've heard a lot of questions, so here are the common ones and their answers.  This will change probably a lot as I think of other things.

How Much Do You Charge?
My fee is based on property size, distance, and add-ons desired.  My fee could be as low as $200 for a small property.  Contact me.
What Add-Ons?
I can do aerial photographs, twilight photos, a virtual tour with custom domain name (e.g. 123NowhereLane.com) that includes music and is branded with your picture and agency and contact info.
How Many Pictures Will I Get?
Well, that depends.  If it's a 1,300 square foot condo, you'll get fewer than a 3,000 square foot home on a quarter of an acre.  I know that MLS in our area accepts up to 35 photos, and I try to get to that, but it's just not feasible sometimes.  Conversely, some 6,000+ square foot homes I've provided 60 photos for, making the Realtor® have to decide what to use for MLS.

Where appropriate, I will often include pictures of schools, parks, gates, clubhouses, or other landmarks to use in your listing.
Will You Fix Property Problems?
When Will I Get The Images?
I endeavor to provide results within 24 hours, usually less.  In busier times, it may take 36-48 hours.
What Kind Of Images Do I Get?
I provide print quality (8"x6" and 300dpi) images.  These are huge, but great for your brochures.

I also provide web quality images (1200x900 and 800x600, both 72dpi) images.  These are best for MLS.  (Hint: MLS watermarks images you upload there with their "MetroList" graphic, but it's based on size, so if you upload a larger image, their watermark is smaller.)
How Do You Deliver The Images?
I provide a link to Dropbox folders -- you will get links for print quality (for your brochures) images as well as web quality (for MLS) images.  I can also provide a CD of all images if needed although there's an additional fee and tax for that.
What Can I Do With These Images?
As the copyright holder, I license you to use the images for any marketing for the property listed on the invoice.  That means you can use the images in brochures, MLS, newspaper advertisements, Luxury Home Magazine, etc.

What you can't do with the images is sell or give them to another agent.
When Do I Have To Pay?
I invoice and give a discount if you pay within 30 days.  If you take longer than 30 days, the discount is removed and the fee is significantly higher.
Do You Accept Credit Cards?
Yes.  I invoice using PayPal, and they allow you to use your credit card for payment.
What If I Don't Pay?
Then I'll tell your broker and report you and your brokerage to MLS for using images without licensing, they'll remove your listing, and they'll fine you.
Can I Use The Images For Marketing Myself To Other Sellers?
Contact me.
Can I Alter Your Images?
You are licensed to crop for print marketing, but not significantly alter. That's a violation of my licensing agreement.
Why Do You Charge What You Do?
Because I'm worth it.

If you'd like a list of other photographers, I can provide some names.  Some charge more.
Do I Have To Be There?
Not really.  If there's a contractor's box on the property, give me the combination.  If the property is occupied, let the seller know.

But it might help for you to be there as I'm a photographer and not a stager or cleaning service -- I will take pictures of the property as I find it when I get there.
Why Do You Photograph Houses?
Houses don't ask to look thinner, they don't hit you with sticks, they rarely vomit on you, and they don't get angry when you didn't get a shot of their drunk uncle at the reception doing his flying squirrel impersonation.
What If You Haven't Answered My Question Here?
Then feel free to contact me.