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Working With Dropbox

Here's how to get your pictures from Dropbox.  If you are having issues, please read this whole page and follow the instructions.  Dropbox is not hard, but it is evidently confusing to some people.

You DO NOT need to download or install Dropbox. 

You DO NOT need to have anything except a web browser and the e-mail I sent you.

YOU DO NOT need to right-click on each individual image to save -- if you do that you'll have problems.

  1. In the e-mail I send you there's a link. It'll look something like this:
    EMail Link
  2. Click the link to open my Dropbox page in a browser.
  3. It should look something like this with three folders, which are the three different sizes of image you can download: Dropbox Folders
  4. Click on the size you want to see or download.
  5. You will be taken to a page showing square thumbnails -- DO NOT right-click and download these thumbnails.
  6. You can click the thumbnails and view the full size images and download them one-by-one, OR on the page of all the thumbnails there's a big, blue Download button at the upper right.  If you click that Dropbox will package them all up into a single zip file and your browser will download them.
    Download Button
  7. Click the Download button.  You have a choice of downloading a .zip file or saving to your own Dropbox if you have an account.
    Download Options
  8. Pick either "Download as .Zip" or "Save to my Dropbox"
  9. If you choose to download, it will save it to your local computer.  Where it's saved depends on browser and operating system, so you're on your own.  Most browsers have an area on the screen where you can see the downloads.
  10. If you have your own Dropbox, you can save them there, and I have no idea how that works.
  11. If you download the ZIP file, you have to open the ZIP file and take the files out to a folder or your desktop -- you cannot upload to MLS directly from inside the ZIP file.  I'm not sure why that is.